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Creative fun for everyone! We are open daily for pottery painting and No Appointment is Needed! Let us show you how fun and easy painting pottery can be. It is a great way to relax and spend a fun afternoon or evening with family or friends.


Congratulations to our

Painter of the Month!

Come show off your creativity for a chance to win Painter of the Month and a $10 gift card!

Choose from hundreds of pottery pieces like mugs, plates, banks, boxes, and more. Pick your colors and design, and have a great time painting. Leave your piece with us to glaze and fire and your masterpiece will be ready to pick-up in about a week.


Prices for pottery pieces range from $8-$65 and include paint, glazing and firing.


For more information on painting, check out how it works.

Free Footprint Tile for Newborns!


Come in with your Newborn and we will get their footprint on a 4 inch tile along with their name and birthday hand painted on by our custom artist.

Studio Hours:


Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Monday: 12pm-7pm

Tuesday: 10am-7pm


Thursday: 10am-9pm

Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm


No Appointment

is needed to paint!


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